For Private Owners

Be assured your business is in the best hands

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we understand that handing-over your life’s work is a difficult decision and you are very carefully considering the company’s circumstances and your personal situation and plans. You want to know it in responsible hands, continuing it in your interest.

We are the right partner to accompany you in this process. We accommodate your individual intentions during the transaction and ensure the sustainable future for your company and its jobs as well as the business relationships that have grown over years.

Benefits for private owners:

Long-term responsibility

Handover to experienced founders and entrepreneurs who are not short-term profit oriented but respect your life’s work and lead it responsibly into the future.

Integrity and discretion

We accompany and support your succession plan from A to Z, whereby absolute discretion and integrity are a matter of course for us.

Understanding and patience

Your succession is an emotional decision of high consequence, because apart from financial aspects it concerns your family. We are happy to adapt to your individual situation and pace.

Flexible transition

We welcome to have you on board after the transaction, but also respect if you want to enjoy your retirement – we are flexible and together we will find the ideal solution for you.

For Corporate Groups
For Managers and Employees