The ESG principles are the guiding principles of our daily actions.

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We generate values for generations

We believe that economic success and sustainability are not contradictory but complement each other positively. We are convinced that sustainable business models outperform in the long term.

Since foundation, we mind our responsibility for employees, society, and the environment, and create sustainable value for generations to come:


We owe it to ourselves and future generations to conserve our planet’s resources and fight climate change.

  • Our companies are continuously improving their supply chains and operations for less waste, less energy, reduced and cleaner emissions.
  • Many of our companies with their product and solution offerings help their clients to become more eco-friendly.
  • We reduce business travel to a minimum, encourage remote work, and establish and maintain paperless, digital processes.


Our success is based on the commitment and performance of our employees. We therefore attach particular importance to their well-being and motivation.

  • We continuously improve working conditions to always ensure the health and safety of our employees.
  • We want to make our employees successful, relying on their personal strengths. We create the basis for this and offer flat hierarchies, meaningful goals, fair and transparent remuneration, and work-life balance.
  • We promote diversity and inclusion and want to give everyone the same opportunities to join and evolve in our Group.
  • Innovation is in our focus to make companies competitive again and to create good jobs. Unfortunately, in some cases staff reductions are unavoidable, but always as a last resort to preserve jobs in the long term, not to increase returns


Our corporate governance is committed to integrity and compliance with internationally recognized standards. We are mindful of the impact of our business activities.

  • We act independently of capital markets or short-term oriented external investors seeking a quick exit.
  • We do not burden our group companies with excessive holding fees and only payout dividends if this does not jeopardize financial stability.
  • We bear responsibility towards our employees and other stakeholders and stand by our companies, especially in difficult times.
  • We respect human rights, fair labor and competitive conditions, at all times. Inhumane working conditions, corruption or fraud have no place in our company and are not tolerated by us in any form.

Selected ESG topics of our group companies

REBHAN is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality plastic packaging with a focus on environmentally friendly products for the cosmetics and chemical industries. REBHAN’s Green Line is a sustainable approach to packaging based on the 5R principles: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Renew and Refill. For example, the Colonna PET bottle saves 60% weight compared to a conventional bottle.
PFM is a highly specialised manufacturer of recycled corrugated base paper. Under the names “Nature-Liner®” and “Nature-Board®”, grass paper products are also offered in a mix of recycled and grass fibres for further processing into packaging. By dispensing with virgin fibre, the goal of sustainability is completely fulfilled here and meets the need to conserve resources.

Since 1889, Pruss has been developing and producing customized valves for the power, oil and gas, steel and petrochemical industries. Together with renowned international research institutes, Pruss develops highly efficient turbine bypass valves for high-temperature Co² applications. These valves enable previously unused waste heat from various industrial applications to be converted into electricity.
UST is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality hairdressing scissors. By switching production from traditional hot forging to the cold forging process used in the automotive industry, UST was able to significantly reduce energy requirements in production and save raw materials. In this way, UST is living up to the principle of resource-saving work.
Horn specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of melting furnaces, special plant and special machinery for the production of flat glass, container glass, special glass. Horn is the world’s leading manufacturer of hybrid furnaces, which incorporate electrical energy in addition to fossil fuels and thus contribute significantly to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Since 1988, COI has been one of the technologically leading German providers in the field of document and workflow management as well as document archiving and the implementation of digital solutions in companies. With its products, COI actively promotes the topic of “paperless office” and enables people to work from home.
AFT specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of conveyor and automation technologies for the automotive and logistics industries. AFT is certified with regard to ISO 50001:2018 (energy management system). The aim of ISO 50001:2018 is to continuously optimise energy efficiency – including procurement and energy consumption.
W+S specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of conveyor and automation technologies for the automotive and intralogistics industries. With its ConX50 modular system, W+S is a leading manufacturer of 24V drive concepts that provide maximum energy efficiency, low noise emissions and low material usage.
HK is a leading manufacturer of innovative plastic packaging for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. HK’s Kyra Light can, for example, saves approx. 75% material compared to a conventional can.