For Corporate Groups

Your peripheral activities are of strategic interest to us

In a fast-paced world international corporations continuously need to adapt to changing demands. Often a strategic portfolio analysis reveals certain activities that are no longer core, and their divestment to the right owner is the best option for both, the seller, and the company.

Our proven due diligence, acquisition and management abilities make us the ideal partner, to successfully transform your business into an independent SME upholding the interest of all stakeholders.

Benefits for Corporate Groups:

Discretion and reliability

Discreet and reliable partner who opens sustainable perspectives for your business unit and its employees.

Cooperative pragmatism

Pragmatic and solution-oriented approach aiming at optimum results for all stakeholders. For example, we regularly achieve mutually beneficial solutions with works councils and trade unions.

Smooth transaction process

Well experienced in-house M&A and Legal team pragmatically solving even the most complex transaction scenarios and ensuring a swift, frictionless transition.

Maximum security

High transaction speed and security through lean decision-making processes, flexible capital and targeted due diligence procedures.

For Private Owners
For Managers and Employees