For Managers and Employees

We open long-term perspectives for managers and employees

We are a reliable partner, in good times and in bad. We appreciate entrepreneurial management and foster fast-decision making processes, by giving liberties to managers and colleagues and having confidence in them. We live an open communication and take transparent, plausible decisions.

We provide specific assistance and should-to-shoulder with you develop innovative and bespoke solutions, from the operational realignment to sustainable growth.

Benefits for managers and employees

Appreciation of your responsibility

Our clear preference is to retain the existing management team and build on your experience and expertise. Our partnership model is highly flexible and aiming to share the future prosperity of the business with you.

Active support

We are there to support you, especially in tough times. In addition to capital, we provide hands-on assistance with a wide range of tasks, from carve-out support to product innovation and efficiency enhancement.

Great liberties

We want to make our managers and employees successful. We trust in you and give you the freedom and support require to unfold your individual strength and ultimately the full potential of the business.

Collegial work culture

We are down-to-earth and respectful, always at eye level with management and employees. We talk openly and make transparent decisions, at any time. Also, in turbulent times we find time for a quick chat and do not lose our sense of humour.

For Corporates
For Private Owners