Trassl Polymer Solutions

Manufacturer of plastic packaging

Focus on the automotive, food and chemical industry


Trassl Polymer Solutions was founded in 1957 as a family business in the Bavarian community of Immenreuth and has since then specialized in the production of plastic containers. The company uses extrusion blow molding machines to produce standardized and customized bottles as well as a wide range of canisters and hollow bodies made of PE, PP, PET and PVC with capacities ranging from 10 milliliters to 30 liters.

In addition to individual customer service, the company has its own tool shop, a screen printing department and an automated labelling system. Furthermore, the company has its own testing facilities and pilot plant.
The product portfolio includes, among other things, injection closures, wide-neck cans, jerry cans, round bottles and oval bottles. Trassl also produces flat bottles, hinged closures and rectangular bottles.


Headquarter: Immenreuth, Germany

Seller: BLS Invest

Year of purchase: 2021

Turnover: EUR 10 Mio.

Industries: Food, automotive, cosmetics, paint, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Products: Plastic packaging