DEMM – Manufacturer of precision mechanical components for the automotive and materials handling industry

DEMM was founded in Milan in 1919 for machining and the production of tools and machine tools. Since then, the company has sharpened its focus and is engaged in the design and production of gears, crowns, bearings, pinions, bevel gears, shafts with gearing, drive shafts, sleeves and spacers for the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, industrial trucks and industrial machinery. The company can draw on more than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of precision mechanical components and is used as a quality standard for reference products.


Headquarter: Bologna, Italy

Seller: Insolvency proceedings

Year of purchase: 2018

Turnover: EUR 15 Mio.

Industries: Agriculture; Automotive industry; Railway; Marine and aeronautics

Products: Fine mechanical components