Special valves for industry and power plant construction



Pruss Group (Pruss & Hannemann) is active in the development, manufacture and sale of Special fittings and valves for regulating the flow, quantity and pressure of sensitive substances in energy-generating plants in a highly technical and consulting-intensive market.


The company is characterized by individual customer solutions and high quality. Individual solutions are implemented in close professional cooperation with the customer. The own construction delivers solutions in technical frontier areas. Modern production and test facilities as well as CAD/CIM technology provide the necessary infrastructure.


Pruss produces control valves with various actuation options (electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical, etc.) to solve even the most difficult control requirements, while Hannemann specializes in valves and stations for controlling the water and steam cycle in power plants. Our own test bench, which was developed in cooperation with the TU Hannover, guarantees a 100% functional standard.


Quality valves for special applications such as thermal power plants, industrial plants, gas turbines, pipelines for gas, oil and petroleum products convince customers like Alstom, Babcock and Siemens. In Europe, the Pruss Group is in a monopoly-like position in the field of control valves for the management of oil and gas power plants. Almost every gas and oil power plant of Siemens and Alstom is controlled by Pruss applications. This position was achieved by decades of almost 100% on-time delivery dates and the creation of a technological lead that is difficult for competitors to catch up on. Due to these circumstances, Pruss has been able to increase its sales significantly in recent years.


Headquarter: Hannover, Germany

Seller: Family Pruss

Year of purchase: 1998

Turnover: EUR 25 million

Industries: Power plant industry, oil and gas industry, steel industry and petrochemical industry

Products: Special Fittings