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HORN GLASS Industries

HORN to rebuild Russian container glass furnace

Steklotech LLC is the only one glass container manufacturer in the Ural federal District in Russia. The manufacturing capacity of the factory is 300 million glassware products per year. Steklotech manufactures many sorts of glass bottles and jars for alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, jam etc.

HORN received the order for a rebuild of Steklotech’s Furnace 1 at the beginning of August 2021. This project in Tyumen region (Russia) includes the repair of a 200 t/d end fired furnace with two production lines for container glass with a melting area of 100.8 m². The furnace is designed in appliance with the most advanced technology to produce amber and green glass. Heating of the furnace will be effected by means of Natural Gas burners.

HORN’s scope of supply includes the combustion system, electric measuring and control system and several engineering services. The furnace will be equipped with the new Forehearth GCS Series 301-Advanced. This forehearth system is characterised by the most advanced technology in forehearth design for high-pull forehearths and the highest temperature homogeneity requirements (K-factor).

HORN End Fired Furnace