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Automation of Almarai’s distribution logistics

By 7. September 2022No Comments

The Saudi company Almarai is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. It also produces juices, baked goods, poultry and baby food – long-life foods as well as fresh and chilled goods. The largest Almarai factory is in Al Kharj. In order to efficiently manage the complex flow of goods there, the company decided to strategically completely realign its logistics. The challenge in this project was to transport the products, such as milk, carefully. It was also important to keep the complex climatic conditions in mind when designing the systems. For example, while the components are assembled under extreme heat, the systems are later used in a cooled environment at temperatures of around three to five degrees when the logistics center is in operation. Here, maximum performance was demanded from our assembly team. To secure the pallets and to accommodate different load carriers, our approach was to develop a special EMS vehicle which, with the help of a locking device and a side-shift mechanism, enables the goods to be transported extremely gently and safely. In addition, AFT has set up a test system in Germany (mock-up) to demonstrate the solution.