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ISOLITE relies on proven expertise and strengthens customer orientation

By 14. May 2024No Comments

Increase in Sales and Innovation in Project Management

We are delighted to announce that two highly esteemed colleagues are returning to the ISOLITE family. Nicolas von Stolzmann will rejoin our team no later than August 31, 2024, while Ljubodrag Jovic has already returned. Their comeback is of significant importance for the realization of ISOLITE’s future sales vision and marks a significant milestone in our company’s development.

With Mr. von Stolzmann as Head of Sales and Mr. Jovic as Head of Project Management for the Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, and After Sales sectors, we are laying important groundwork for our future successes. We take pride in seeing our ISOLITE family continue to grow and evolve. This lays a solid foundation for Florian Thiele, COO in the mentioned areas, to fully focus on his new responsibilities.

Mr. von Stolzmann brings extensive experience and profound industry knowledge. His past achievements demonstrate his dedication and ability to develop outstanding solutions that ensure both customer satisfaction and flexibility in the changing market.

From 2007 to 2013, Mr. von Stolzmann was already active at ISOLITE, gaining valuable experience during that time. His contribution to securing significant projects and his leadership qualities have significantly contributed to the company’s success. His return not only marks a significant event for our company but also a resurgence of proven expertise and collaboration.

Mr. Jovic was also an integral part of ISOLITE, serving as Project Manager for the Automotive & Commercial Vehicle sector from 2015 to 2021. During this time, he successfully managed projects for exhaust system insulation and later more complex projects involving automated assembly processes for exhaust manifolds and turbochargers. Since April 2023, Mr. Jovic has been back at ISOLITE and assumed the interim leadership of the Sales and Project Management departments in September 2023. Given the increasing demands of customers, we have decided to separate the Sales and Project Management departments again to better focus on our customers and leverage the knowledge and strengths of both individuals optimally.

The current transformation in our industry undoubtedly presents a challenge. Therefore, we are all the more grateful to have competent and passionate employees like Mr. von Stolzmann and Mr. Jovic on our team, who not only have a deep understanding of the automotive sector but also bring expertise in the Commercial Vehicle and related sectors.

We look forward to the experiences, expertise, and personal contributions of Mr. von Stolzmann and Mr. Jovic and warmly welcome our colleagues back to the ISOLITE family.

Ljubodrag Jovic, Head of Projectmanagement
Nicolas von Stolzmann, Head of Sales and Michael Knoll, CEO of the ISOLITE Group (from left to right)

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