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ILA 2024 in Berlin, we are part of it!

By 21. May 2024No Comments

ISOLITE GmbH has been able to continuously expand its aerospace division in recent years and is now looking forward to exhibiting at the ILA in Berlin in 2024! For over 40 years, we have been the contact for high-temperature insulation in the aerospace, industrial and automotive sectors.

We are based in southwest Germany and have subsidiaries in the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Serbia and the Czech Republic. At ISOLITE, we are constantly breaking new ground with our innovative, customized insulation concepts. We develop technically sophisticated high-temperature insulation and sealing systems for the world’s largest industries.

It is therefore no coincidence that ISOLITE is one of the world’s most sought-after partners, both at home and abroad. With decades of experience, we offer our customers a portfolio of thermal and acoustic solutions that are second to none and never compromise on quality.

Our product range includes advanced insulation systems that are installed directly on the engine, on the APU compartment or in the entire fuselage of aviation. These solutions are used in both civil and military aircraft as well as helicopters.

We also offer fire protection systems, known as firewalls, which have a wide range of applications in aviation.

The customized products help to lower surface temperatures, increase exhaust gas energy and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition to thermal applications, we also offer products with additional potential in sound insulation.

Visit us at ILA 2024, where we will present our innovative thermo-acoustic insulation systems that not only redefine the standards of the industry, but also drive sustainable solutions!