Rodinný akciový investor

Odpovědné podnikání definuje náš investiční přístup od našeho založení před 25 lety.


Odpovědné podnikání definuje náš investiční přístup od našeho založení před 25 lety

Dr. Hans WehrmannChairman of the Executive Board Certina Holding AG

Family Equity for Generations

We are a family-owned industrial holding company with focus on European SMEs in upheaval and special situations. We look back on 25 years of investment experience with over 65 successful acquisitions in various industries.

Our group currently comprises 22 company platforms across five industries and with over 4.000 employees generates revenues in excess of EUR 1 billion.

Since inception, we have invested according to the principles of sustainability, continuity and corporate responsibility. We create long-term value for generations in the interests of employees and society. Some companies have been part of our group for over 25 years.


Entrepreneurial Investment Approach

We are visionary entrepreneurs by heart and invest likewise. We are passionate for challenging situations where we can actively bring in our ideas, expertise and experience.

Our operational investment approach opens sustainable perspectives for companies undergoing major transitions in the interest of all stakeholders. We regularly accompany substantial business transformations e.g., turning integrated business units into independent SMEs

Operational for us clearly means „talk less, act“. We roll up our sleeves and actively shape the future of our companies together with management and employees on the ground. We strengthen cooperation, give freedom and trust and thus create the basis for innovation and change. We are convinced that sustainable success can only be achieved together.


Strong and Long-Term Capital

We are independent of capital markets, financial institutions or external investors and therefore neither exit- nor short-term results-driven. As entrepreneurs, we want to move things and create sustainable value.

We invest out of our strong balance sheet and are not subject to time constraints to individually re-align and develop our companies to sustainable growth. Our flexible, self-sufficient capital structure enables fast decision-making processes before and after a transaction.

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